Engines and generators repairs

In any yacht, it comes a time when it is necessary to repair some engine, generator or pump. Our team and our co-workers from Nautica Tro are available to you in case of trouble with any of your yacht machines.

We can repair all kinds of engines, generators and pumps, as well as other parts of the engine or the engine room. Whenever you want, our team will advise you and take charge of your yacht to solve any problem and to replace any component, as well as to carry out oil changes or to replace or repair oil filters.

Gel coating / GRP – Repairs, painting, polishing and labelling

Most yachts, either sailing boats or motorboats, have a gel coat / GRP hull. Apart from its multiple advantages in shipbuilding, gel coat/GRP requires periodic maintenance and a quick and effective intervention in case of damage.

Our experienced team can perform all kinds of works in your yacht hull, such as repairs to avoid osmosis, reinforcement of the gel coat structure or polishing of the surface. Besides, we can apply to your yacht a new standard or special painting to protect the gel coat surface giving your yacht a new brightness.

Finally, we can provide a new labelling and even a new surface design by means of sign making.

Wiring, piping, electricity repairs and much more

Our team has experts in plumbing and electricity so as to offer an optimal service in these areas.

We offer a wide range of services which include all related areas such as toilets and toilet vacuum pumps, clean water and greywater systems, breakage search and repairs, as well as maintenance of the electric systems on board. And you can’t imagine how many kilometres of wiring and piping there are in your yacht!

Spring maintenance – Antifouling, general cleaning, polishing

Every year, it comes a time when you have to decide if your yacht requires a new coat of antifouling painting. Is the previous year antifouling painting enough? Don’t take any risks and let us examine your yacht hull. We will give you our honest opinion and, if necessary, we will advise you about which steps to take.

Our spring maintenance pack includes, among other services, sanding antifouling, polishing of propellers, replacement of anodes (if necessary) and polishing of stainless steel parts. We not only take responsibility for the underwater hull, but also for the parts outside the water. Thus, we do an “in depth” internal and external cleaning of your yacht, so that you can get the most out of the beginning of a new season.