Maintenance and cleaning works

Teak&Tec provides you with an exclusive service. Many yacht owners have unexpectedly taken advantage of their investment after a sailing season or an autumnal rough weather.

We offer in the southwest of Mallorca our maintenance and cleaning service for sailing boats and motorboats, which includes a wide range of services which will turn out to be an invaluable asset for you.

We can carry out an external cleaning of your yacht twice a month and, if necessary, also an internal one. We start your yacht and control if all the machines, pumps and generators work properly; we check the electrical wiring, the navigation instruments, the hydraulic system and all the elements in your yacht and, in case of imperfection or malfunctioning, we can arrange a maintenance programme with you. On the other hand, we also make a daily visual inspection of your yacht, and get in touch with external companies, the nautical club or the harbour authorities when necessary.

However, the most important factor is the surveillance service for storms. Every year, the Balearic Islands and their harbours experiment some rough weather in autumn and spring. And every year, many boats suffer important damages and even sink. That is the reason why our surveillance service for storms turns out to be really helpful. In case of storm, our team looks after our clients’ yachts. Fortunately, no disaster has been declared so far.